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GETTING THOSE ALL IMPORTANT STEPS IN! At long last the sun was shining on Saturday morning and as I headed out for a walk I actually could feel in the air that soon it would be ‘shorts’ weather – and as anyone who knows me – they are my fav go to! Growing up I tried all types of exercise.. played netball; basketball; tried and failed at hockey; ran; lifted weights; hiit ; obstacle courses etc… my Mum would always say .. ‘I just like to walk’. But you know she was right. Walking is the best. Especially when the weather is kind. Firstly you can step out your front door and off you go. Or whether you drive to your favourite spot inland or close to the sea. Forest, mountains, coastal or even just your own local area. Breathing in fresh cleaner air immediately makes you feel better. Your outdoor walk burns more calories than you might on an indoor treadmill as your body can be challenged naturally with different gradients, weather and terrain. Our self esteem is also boosted even by spending a short time outside. This can be enhanced further by being near water or greenery. Walking with friends is a fantastic way to catch up and get some physical activity at the same time. Personally we love to grab a coffee en route. I have friends that I must have now walked 100s if not 1000s of miles with over the years. We can properly put our worlds to rights! There has been a long term thought that we should walk 10000 steps daily ( I think it maybe even came from an advertising campaign and is an easy figure to remember) Evidence has proven that probably 7000-8000 is enough to gain the health benefits associated with walking. Clearly the more steps taken the more calories you will burn but as outlined previously walking has so many more benefits other than simply burning calories. Why not try to up your steps day to day, week to week until your average daily step count is closer to that 7-8k mark ?If I am on my own I tend to either call a friend and catch up while I walk my dog or listen to a podcast. On occasion I think others passing me wonder what’s going on when I laugh out loud .. I will leave a few of my fav podcasts at the end of this. So as the weather brightens and the days lengthen – get out and walk! Meet a friend or pop your airpods in or simply enjoy nature – you will absolutely feel better for it – promise. Lynn My fav podcasts: My Therapist Ghosted Me: Joanne McNally and Vogue Williams (hilarious!) The High Low ( in lockdown I would look forward to this hour from week to week ) but no longer runs. Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware (I never tire of considering my ‘last’supper) The Mindset Mentor: Rob Dial The Diary of a CEO: Steve Bartlett Happy Place: Fearne Cotton My fav take away coffee spots: Café Cognito or Cognito on the Cross (who doesn’t love a wee bit of free fudge?) Box Car (at the business park by the railway line in Cults) Park Café in Drumoak Fav local walks: Fox lane/ railway line (off pavements and amongst nature) Crathes Estate Railway line from Crathes to Drumoak Glentanar Stonehaven Leisure Centre to Dunnottar castle and also round Glen Ury estate The Beach Hazlehead park and woods Countesswells woods Aviemore


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