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Our Story

We are a group of passionate local individuals who are keen to make a difference to the health and well being of our local community. 

Our trainers and instructors have decades of industry experience and are renowned throughout Aberdeen for their motivational and enthusiastic personalities. 

StudioBe's fitness and lifestyle hub is located in the heart of Aberdeen's West End. Our clients range from individuals looking for personal training to those looking to participate in group classes such as Spin, Yoga and Pilates. 

These classes will be open to all abilities where training goals can be tailored to the individuals goals and lifestyle needs.

Our Vision

The concept of StudioBe is that it is within a building that incorporates other local businesses that are all linked to health and well-being. Collectively we are trying to create a one stop destination for all personal needs. Currently on our site at 13 Carden Place we have hair and beauty treatments, make - up and aesthetics, massage treatments including sports and oncology massage, nutritional guidance as well as dietary advice and psychologists. 

With the addition to StudioBe to this mix we feel this will become a popular destination. 

StudioBe consists of 4 areas. A PT studio, a multi purpose fitness studio that can host Spin classes along with a variety of other fitness classes. A holistic studio for Pilates and Yoga and another studio that will evolve as we recognise our clients needs. 

Our long term aspirations is that we grow the business into other areas relating to fitness which could include online classes and mobile PT.

Our name StudioBe inspires motivational phrases such as, Be Yourself, Be Focused, Be Challenged, Be Inspired etc. Terms that we all hope can positively engage with. 

As we all come out of a period of uncertainty, we believe that StudioBe will make an impact which enhances the lives of many, everyone is welcome!

What will you BE?....

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